New Music Episode: Dave James


“I got heavy into producing seriously because of her (Ari Lennox), so I could do her records.  I didn’t know that I was going to be able to develop.  That’s the other thing, you have to give yourself time to develop. God has a plan; sometimes you want to be somewhere but you may not be ready, you may need time. The 20 year old version of my man, may not be ready until the 27 year old version of himself.”

This week’s new music episode features Dave James (artist, musician, producer) joining us to talk about his new EP, “Where the Sidewalk Ends.” Dave breaks down the recording process of his music with us while also giving us background details of his evolving journey that has resulted in such a good EP.  “People don’t know I’m on like my 3rd lifetime of music [...] like a 3rd new  musical career. I guess because of the rebrand they don’t know about my past ‘L’s’.”

This off script discussion has us talking everything from Dave’s musical origins, rebranding and the persistent artist grind, to his philosophy on genre “labels.” Dave is a good friend of ours and we felt it would be fitting to have an impromptu conversation with him for you all to hear.  For those who haven’t heard Dave James’ music, check out a single off of the EP called, “Familiar Life”.

Follow him on social media: @whoisdavejames


Wes Pendleton