EP6: Nathan "Dust" Corrona


“It’s a passion to make art for a living, it’s 22 years now that I haven’t had a ‘real job’ and I think it’s a gift, I don’t take it for granted. There are days that I wake up and think, ‘maybe today is the day people stop calling me? Maybe today’s the day I go broke?’ But the Lord has provided; I do hustle a bit and make sure I’m faithful with opportunities, but for the most part God has been really good.”

This week on the show we have special guest Nathan Corrona (film: dusbrandfilms.com; music: Mars Ill) join us to talk about his evolution as a professional creative making timeless beats as the dj/producer of the legendary hip hop duo Mars Ill, to now executive producing music videos and documentary films through his own film company.

We talk about his backstory and his group Mars Ill’s breakout success in the early 2000’s on Goatee records. Nathan also gives us the amazing inside story on his early transition into film as a direct response to his displeasure with video content that was created for his music by outside sources. He took matters into his own hands and went out to purchase his own equipment to start shooting during a span of time that the group was inactive due to sample clearance issues. What Nathan then realized, through experimenting with video, was that it fulfilled him artistically and mirrored the sensation of making beats. 

Nathan fills us in specifically on how his many years as a music producer influences his film creation and how the relationships he has formed in the industry gets him work simply through personal referrals instead of him ever throwing money into marketing. We also get the exciting scoop on some new music to come from Mars Ill.

Nathan’s tenure and experience in the industry renders a very humble yet focused demeanor that all of us self-employed creatives can learn from. We sure hope you enjoy the insight Nathan shared with us on this episode!

Check out his work here:  dustbrandfilms.com

Follow him on social media: @dustbrand

Wes Pendleton