EP5: Allan Cole


“Passive income is invaluable to anyone doing their own thing, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be something that is directly tied to what you do […] you know in the Stock Market they always talk about ‘diversifying your portfolio;’ well as a freelancer you are the Stock Market and you have to invest in yourself, so you have to diversify how your money is coming in.”

This week we have Brooklyn based designer, web developer and music producer Allan Cole (design: allancole.com; music: Stuyvesants) join us to discuss his journey from an inspired youth moving to NY to his now everyday life as a freelancer and creative in the mecca.

We talk with Allan about the evolution of his design career being due to him solving the dilemmas he had with client project maintenance hindering him from taking a higher volume of new clients and projects. By implementing his templates on Wordpress he cut down on the follow up work he had to do and established passive income streams that gave his work legs past what he could physically do each day. 

Allan also gives us the background story of his acclaimed music project with longtime friend Darien Birks, “The Stuyvesants.” It started as friends getting together silently working on a project, to it quickly going viral and getting in the hands of folks like Mos Def and Hiatus Kaiyote. The first project dropped in 2010 and the duo has been putting out greatness ever since. You can check out their latest work Finally that had a release earlier this summer at: thestuyvesants.com.

We hope you enjoy the knowledge that Allan drops in this episode as much as we did!

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The Stuyvesants

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Music provided by: The Stuyvesants - "Finally"


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