EP4: Juan Vidal


On this week’s episode we were privileged to have Juan Vidal (writer: NPR, Esquire, Rolling Stone; music: Rhema Soul) join us to discuss his transition from a touring Hip Hop artist to now being a freelance writer for some of the biggest media platforms.

Juan lets us in on what's been inspiring him to write lately while speaking on how his Colombian background provides a timely and  important perspective in a political landscape of unrest towards immigrants. 

We also had the opportunity to discuss Juan’s upcoming book on hip hop and fatherhood that is set to have a release early next year through ‘Simon and Schuster.’ He tells us that it contains his story, which also points to the bigger critique on the narrow narrative that mass media projects on minority males in hip hop culture. Juan sets to show that reality actually renders us many examples of responsible present fathers who are also very much hip hop. 

You can see some of Juans work at:
Los Angeles Times
Rolling Stone

Follow him on social media: @itsjuanlove


Wes Pendleton