EP3: Milton "Ohmega Watts" Campbell


“Freelancing isn’t for everybody, you have to have a mindset that’s strong, not that you are trying to step on anybody to prove yourself but you’re confident in who you are--you can talk a good game but can back it up, it’s not just talk but your actions speak for you.”

In this episode we had the pleasure of having Milton Campbell (also known by his music moniker, Ohmega Watts) on the show to discuss everything from his humble beginnings as a youth passionate about art, to an established music producer, artist and freelance graphic design working with brands like adidas, Red Bull and Humble Beast.

During our discussion Milton gave us a little background on his workflow and how he draws inspiration for a project. He also touches on the importance of networking and how doing excellent work across disciplines, all works together in the end toward landing and sustaining clients. We learned ultimately that focus, consistency, mentorship and unbiased accountability are keys to moving toward becoming a high caliber freelancing pro like Milton!

Some of his work can be seen with:

Red Bull
RB Sound Select
30 Days in LA
Girls Got Kicks
Humble Beast

Follow Milton on Social Media:

Twitter - @OhmegaWatts

Instagram - @brokin_nglish  &  @brokin_nglish_design

Portfolio Website - brokinnglish.com


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Music provided by: Milton "Ohmega Watts" Campbell - "Pieces Of A Dream"

Wes Pendleton