EP9: Derek Simpson


“[...] Just me putting out content consistently has been a part of my strategy to bring the most attention to my brand. Constantly seeing my name over and over is going to in the long run make people remember me and my brand [...] I’ve really just been focusing on being offensive versus being defensive; a lot of creatives say, ‘what happens if I don’t make this money this month or I can’t pay rent,’ or whatever, I try to think of everything as more of like I’m on offense, I’m trying to go score a touchdown, like how can I be on offense right now and pick up the next thing…” (30:15)

On this week’s episode we have producer, musician and entrepreneur Derrick “Homage” Simpson, join us to speak about his grind growing from a beat maker living in a basement to now having a successful production brand with over 50 thousand subscribers on YouTube with new music posts going up almost everyday. We talk about brand strategy, work ethic, SEO and the self discipline of patience. Derrick has no problem sharing with us about how early on he has capitalized off of including “keywords” in the titles of his work to get more traffic and sales in a continual fashion that now has a whole online community and industry functioning in this way.

Homage is an important guest for us; not only does he use our Soul Surplus products in an amazing way, but he is a prime example of the shift that has occurred in the music industry in the last couple of years with e-commerce happening more often via social media. We really think his story is immensely valuable to any creative trying to build an impactful and effective brand. Check it out!

Follow Homage - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbavHy2_zVCMCvVdR8qp2UQ

Instagram & Twitter  - @HomageBeats

Web - http://www.homageproductions.com/

Wes Pendleton