New Episode: Swoope


“The artists that I look up to are built on ‘authenticity’; hip-hop is built on ‘authenticity.’ That’s why  ghostwriting is frowned upon, it’s like write your own rhymes, be yourself. The goal is just to be myself and the story that I’ve told of my trajectory in music is that I’m a church kid. I didn’t grow up on the organ bench [...], I just grew up next to it. So at this point in the game I’m settling into my age; I’m not old yet but I’m definitely not the ‘young whipper snapper’ and it's just like I’m not trying to be anybody but Swoope (13:27).”

In this week’s special new music episode we have artist, producer and musician extraordinaire “Swoope”  join us to talk about his new acclaimed album “Sonshine.” He also gives us some details on his sound pack the “Swoope Sample Pack Vol 1,” that he has partnered with Soul Surplus to create. Swoope breaks down the album as a project that culminates in an unapologetic portrayal of his experiences in music and in life. “It’s about what it makes people feel instead of it trying to be the perfect album, I’m glad that’s what is coming across sonically (19:47).”  

We also get the pleasure of hearing Swoope’s approach and thought process behind the creation for the Swoope Sample Pack Vol 1. “I want to make samples that I think my favorite producers would pick […] if Dilla was alive, if Kanye was in the room, or if I ran into Pete Rock and could only play him three samples of mine, would they pick any of them? […] that was where my brain was when creating these samples (26:23).”

This conversation was full of golden wisdom from a seasoned creative who is running free and confident in who he is and what he has to say. We talk about everything from producer collaboration, to growing with an indie label, Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff sample influence, to ultimately thinking about playing the long game to leave a legacy. You don’t want to miss out on this episode!

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Wes Pendleton