The Production Process - Part 2



I was 6 years old when I got my first skateboard. I walked into the skate shop on Jamboree & El Camino Reel. After all the Tony Hawk video games I played, walking in there was my version of a candy store. On my way back home, holding the blue World Industries deck in my hands, anxious. At last, I step my 2 feet up on the grip tape, push, and bust. As a 6 year old, my mind is unable to comprehend what went wrong. Not realizing that the number one basic fundamental of skateboarding, is balance.

As I got older, I came to face that not only do you need balance in physical activity, but mental as well. Since creativity is an intangible phenomenon, balance is a must in order to pull from a healthy and refreshing imagination. Though I am aware, easier said than done, right? I know. But, as humans, we only got one shot at this thing called life. So if we’re not striving to reach a steady balance in our daily routine, why bother.

Everyday we are faced with obstacles. It is our job to conquer them, rather than just wave your fist in the air and waste your energy, when it could be released in a creative matter instead. To circle back around, when it comes time for me to sit down at my work space and produce a new track for a client, or for myself, I need to alleviate all that is negative around me. But, we need to be thankful for these obstacles & negatives. It’s what builds us and makes us who we are. That’s what balance is all about. As I continually strive to stay 50/50, I encourage all of you to follow three small tips i’ve provided below, to help maintain balance as a creative, to fulfill pure imagination.


1. Time Management

Whether you have a 9-5, children, or you just create all day, you need to manage your time. Just like the dollar bills, time can winse by you in a second and leave you with, “Dang, where did the day go?”. Create a schedule for yourself! Without a structured guideline in your day to exercise, spend time with your family, smell the roses and create, you are likely to find yourself scattered and frustrated, feeling that your day has been wasted.

2. Time Off

As creatives, aiming to build our own brand in hopes of making a living from this one day, we are usually pushed into the “Team No Sleep”. Yes, you need to put in work. Lots of it. 10,000+ hours to be exact. And yes, there will be many nights where you find yourself working while most people are in bed. It’s a great feeling. But, we can not forget that we are human at the end of the day. We need our sleep, eat well, social interaction with good people around you, and we need an overall mental cleanse when needed.

3. Discipline

As I stated in tip two, you need to let yourself rest when needed. Humans have an unfortunate tendency to become indolent. If we start to let ourselves rest unnecessarily, laziness will overcome. That is where discipline comes into play. There will be days where you do not want to put in those 10,000 hours, but being able to overcome those feelings, the outcome clearly has a much more impact on your life and on your mental. This really sums up everything, because with a structured schedule for managing time of work and leisure, discipline is the driving force to get the wheels spinning. It is what keeps you 50/50.