The Production Process - Part 1


When I was 14, I woke into another day of life, and heard a name in my head. LLusion. A moniker I represent myself with. With this alter ego, I have been able to pull inspiration from all over, as I continue to generate feels, through instrumental grooves that I produce.

It ain't always sunshine & rainbows though. It's tough. As blessed & happy I am with this skill, there are many days, weeks, and even months were I am faced with hardships. Consisting of various mental situations such as: writers block, over criticizing your own material, and keeping your head above water with occasional doubts of success. They come in physical forms as well. For example, I am currently dealing with computer malfunctions, which now refrains me from creating new material, presenting my work to future clients, and now faced with financial repairs.

But, at the end of the day, that's life. It's these obstacles that highlight the true beauty of music & creativity as a whole. They are able to outweigh and overcome the constant struggles of everyday life, us as earthlings encounter.

Pause. Now with all that overview, I'd like to welcome you all to my production/creative process. Here's what's up...

1. Breaking Down the Elements

As herbal tea is steaming by my window, I meditate. I ponder the idea that what I am about to make, has the ability to change the world. As excessive as that sounds, it definitely is a key mindset before stepping into the ring. I begin with a run through of my sounds and dissecting them. After collecting all the ones I like, I make sure they do not clash with one another. The end result consists of multiple rhythmic grooves in their own unique way.

2. The Champloo of Fabrication & Mechanics

Clearly, there were no DAWs (digital audio workstations) or MacBooks back in the day. So, it's no doubt that what I do creatively is unnatural. Today, we have to learn softwares and be computer based. As a millennial, I am very thankful to have all these resources at my disposal. So, how do we pull organic inspiration from our minds & heart to create a pure product? I think it all leads back to the soul. I get past all the technicalities by expressing my soul through music.

3. Moving the Human Spirit

With this all spread out on the table, the #1 thing that I'm focused on 100% of the time, is that the finished product is able to move the human spirit. Whether it's in an enlightening way, or a depressing way, it has always been my goal to impact my listeners. Music truly has the power to change so many, and I am extremely Blessed to be a contributor.

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