Business For The Sake of Relationship


In the first article of this blog I covered some ways us entrepreneurial creatives and artists can get past creativity blocks and dry spots. One of the highlights was “collaboration-winning with friends.” This week I look to circle back and expand upon that point with the recent drop of our new Soul Surplus product, “The Smythe Guitar Pack.” This drop is worth mentioning for us because it is our first release utilizing outsourced work. Although Smythe isn’t officially a part of the Soul Surplus team, he is our dear friend and musician/producer contemporary who we frequently work with. The partnership is obviously easy considering these things but what I want to focus on is the advantage that relationships play in creating products and doing business. Building a brand takes trust, and building trust takes relationship.

Many have heard the old saying, or a form of it, “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” This saying usually refers to networking that most likely offers opportunities and positions to someone whose experience or status may not otherwise merit them. While this exchange can mostly be seen between someone in a position of power who can make something happen for someone who needs that opportunity, it also works laterally among contemporaries. Collaboration containing people bartering skill sets and specialties is an old school method but it’s tried and true. Loyalty between partners can develop from mutual interests on the business side, but the preservation and quality of the partnership goes as far as the relationship. We have that experience through the recent roll out of our new product over at Soul Surplus.


The Soul Surplus Brand has been putting out sample pack products for the past year now with much success and great clientele. The previous packs consisted of some guitar playing by myself and my other partner, and brother. Guitar isn’t our first instrument but our work got the job done for the specific old school vinyl loop sound we were going for; however, once the packs started gaining a lot of traction we knew that we would eventually have to outsource to a better guitarists. We could’ve reached out to many players strictly from a business standpoint with numbers and the pull of our platform, but we knew that John Smythe would not only deliver (and create great sounds) but also be someone with integrity worthy of putting trust in for such a business venture. And how did we judge this? Through relationship.

The success of cold blooded business practices strictly focused on obtaining an end, while bypassing the means, without real relationships have a low ceiling. They also have a shaky foundation that will have deals and creations at the top crumbling downward through there being no allegiance to parties involved. This can lead to other big issues, like the watering down of your respective market.

It’s easy for ulterior motives to be behind things and for people to have superficial relationships for the sake of business (and that isn’t the worst thing in the world). It again just doesn’t make a partnership as solid. I personally would suggest doing business for the sake of relationships when possible and not letting relationships be because of an ulterior motive like business solely. Ultimately, where there is unity there is strength. Yes, business gets messy and many times we”d rather keep relationships out of it, but sometimes it’s better to maneuver through the ‘mess’ with a friend rather than just a ‘business partner.’

Pick up the Smythe Guitar Pack HERE.